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agrobiology the applied science of plant growth and nutrition aimed at improving soil conditions and crop yield.
bargaining chip something that can be used in negotiating or making deals, esp. if likely to yield an advantage.
bend to yield one's position or opinion. [1/10 definitions]
bergamot any of various plants related to mint that yield a similar oil. [1/3 definitions]
bow1 to yield or submit. [2/8 definitions]
buckle to yield, as to another person (usu. fol. by under). [1/9 definitions]
cave in (informal) to surrender or yield. [1/2 definitions]
colchicum the dried seeds or corms of this plant, which yield a substance used in treating gout. [1/2 definitions]
compliance an inclination or tendency to yield to others. [1/2 definitions]
concede to yield. [1/3 definitions]
cry uncle to yield; give up.
cube2 any of certain American plants related to the pea, the roots of which yield rotenone.
defer2 to submit or yield to the desire, opinion, or judgment of another.
disgorge to yield forth. [1/3 definitions]
dyer's woad a yellow-flowered biennial plant whose leaves yield a blue dye.
earn to gain or yield income. [1/4 definitions]
eider any of several large ducks of northern seas that yield down that is often used as a filling for pillows, quilts, and the like.
eucalyptus any of various tall evergreen trees native to Australia, having leaves that yield a pungent oil used in medicines.
fleece the wool of a sheep or other animal, esp. the total yield of wool at one shearing. [1/7 definitions]
fold1 (informal) to yield to pressure; give in. [1/16 definitions]
give to yield or collapse under pressure. [2/14 definitions]