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corkscrew to move in a zigzag or spiral path. [1/3 definitions]
featherstitch a stitch in embroidery or knitting in which short, alternating branches on either side of a central line form a zigzag pattern. [1/3 definitions]
forked having a zigzag pattern, as lightning. [1/2 definitions]
rickrack a flat strip of zigzag braid or ribbon used as trimming on clothing, cloth furnishings, and the like.
stagger to arrange in regular zigzag rows or patterns. [1/8 definitions]
switchback a road, path, or railroad track that climbs a mountain or other steep grade by using a zigzag route.
tack the zigzag course of a sailing vessel against the wind, or one of the straight segments composing such a course. [1/12 definitions]
traverse a zigzag or lateral movement or route, as in the tacking of a sailboat or the descent of a skier. [1/11 definitions]
weave to move (something) from side to side in a zigzag fashion. [2/8 definitions]
zigzag moving or formed in a zigzag. [3/5 definitions]