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about-face a reversal of one's position or direction, esp. in response to a military command. [1/3 definitions]
abridgment the state of being abridged. [2/3 definitions]
abrupt sudden and unexpected. [1/3 definitions]
absinthe a bitter herb of wormwood. [1/2 definitions]
absolution the state or condition of being absolved. [1/3 definitions]
absolutist characterized by ideas, or a belief in ideas, whose truth is unconditional and not subject to any external standard. [1/3 definitions]
absorbed deeply engaged or involved.
absorption the act of absorbing or state of being absorbed. [1/2 definitions]
abstract theoretical; not practical or applied. [1/13 definitions]
abstracted preoccupied; engrossed.
absurdist having or expressing the belief that human existence and behavior are meaningless or absurd. [3 definitions]
absurdity the condition or quality of being absurd. [1/2 definitions]
abusive improperly or dishonestly used. [1/4 definitions]
ac- to; toward.
academy an institution of learning, often private or specialized. [1/2 definitions]
acceleration the state or condition of being accelerated. [1/2 definitions]
accepted generally regarded as normal, right, or correct; approved; recognized.
access the characteristic of being able to be reached. [1/5 definitions]
accessible easily approachable, entered, or used. [1/3 definitions]
accidental happening by chance; unexpected; unintended. [2/5 definitions]
accolade an expression or mark of approval; honor; award.