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arsenic a tasteless, odorless, extremely poisonous white compound of arsenic and oxygen, used as a pesticide; arsenous acid; arsenic trioxide. [1/2 definitions]
arsenical a compound containing arsenic that is used as a drug, herbicide, pesticide, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ash2 any of a group of trees that are related to the olive and have winged seeds and compound leaves. [1/2 definitions]
ATP a biochemical compound that serves to store energy in all living cells; adenosine triphosphate. (Cf. ADP.)
azobenzene an orange-red, nonsoluble crystalline compound obtained from nitrobenzene, used in organic synthesis, as an insecticide, and in the making of dyes.
base1 a chemical compound that creates salts when mixed with acids. (Cf. acid.) [1/7 definitions]
bichloride a chemical compound in which there are two atoms of chlorine for each atom of another element or group; dichloride.
binary a chemical compound or a metal that contains two elements. [1/4 definitions]
biotin a compound considered part of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, egg yolks, and yeast.
bipinnate having opposing leaflets that are in turn divided into smaller opposing leaflets, as certain compound leaves.
bisulfate an inorganic acid sulfate or a compound containing such.
boric acid a white crystalline compound used as a mild antiseptic and in making glass, enamels, fireproofing materials, and other products.
boron carbide a very hard black crystalline compound used in nuclear reactor control rods, as reinforcement in structural materials, and as an abrasive.
box elder a North American maple tree with compound leaves and soft wood that is used in making furniture.
bromide a compound consisting of bromine and at least one other element. [1/4 definitions]
calcium carbide a dark gray crystalline compound used as a dehydrating agent and a source of acetylene gas and calcium cyanimide.
calcium carbonate a white crystalline compound found in chalk, limestone, marble, shells, and plant ash that is used in the manufacture of cement, paints, plastics, and polishing agents such as toothpaste.
calcium chloride a white crystalline compound, derived from calcium carbonate, that is used as a dehydrating agent, de-icer, and dust suppressant.
calcium hydroxide a soft white crystalline compound made by the action of water on calcium oxide and used in the manufacture of cement, plaster, hard rubber products, and bleaching powder; slaked lime.
camphor a whitish, strong-smelling compound extracted from camphor trees or synthesized, and used in plastics, insect repellents, and medications.
carbide a binary compound of carbon and another element, such as calcium or various metals.