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ballistic missile a long-range missile that reaches its target by falling freely at extremely high speed along a precalculated trajectory.
barium sulfate an opaque insoluble white powder that is used as a pigment in paints and a filler for plastics and textiles, and is swallowed as a diagnostic aid in x-ray examination of the stomach and intestines.
bark3 a sailing ship with between three and five masts, all but one of which are square-rigged.
barkentine a ship with three or more masts, square-rigged on the foremast, and fore-and-aft rigged on the others.
bassoon a large low-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a long doubled wooden tube fitted with a slender curved metal tube that terminates in a double-reed mouthpiece.
basso-relievo see bas-relief.
bean curd a soft, protein-rich food made from puréed soy beans; tofu.
begum a high-ranking Muslim woman, often a widow.
biofeedback a method for self-regulation of presumably involuntary bodily functions, such as heartbeat rate, with the aid of electronic monitors that display visual representations of such functions.
bombardier one who operates the bombsight and bomb-release mechanism in a bomber aircraft.
boogie strongly rhythmic rock-'n'-roll with a fast tempo, often in a blues form. [2/3 definitions]
boss1 (slang) first-rate. [1/7 definitions]
box supper a social and fund-raising occasion at which the participants bid for donated box lunches.
bremsstrahlung electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays, produced by the sudden deceleration or acceleration of an electron caused by its approach to an atomic nucleus.
brig a two-masted sailing vessel with square-rigged sails. [1/2 definitions]
brigantine a two-masted sailing vessel with square-rigged sails on the front mast and a fore-and-aft mainsail.
bush-league (informal) pertaining to a second-rate group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
bush leaguer someone whose performance is mediocre or second-rate. [1/2 definitions]
business college a school that offers instruction in business-related skills, such as typing, bookkeeping, and business administration.
carousel a merry-go-round. [1/2 definitions]
catholic all-encompassing or wide-ranging. [1/3 definitions]