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beat one's regular professional territory or subject matter. [1/15 definitions]
benefit of clergy formerly, a special privilege granted to members of the clergy, esp. that they be subject to ecclesiastical rather than secular courts. [1/2 definitions]
bet anything that is the subject of a bet. [1/7 definitions]
bibliography a list of writings about a certain subject. [1/4 definitions]
biodegradable subject to decomposition by the action of living organisms such as bacteria.
blind spot a subject on which one is blinded by ignorance or prejudice. [1/4 definitions]
bonded subject to a binding promise to pay, as monetary debt. [2/3 definitions]
born-again characterized by a strong, new or renewed belief, commitment, or enthusiasm (usu. fol. by the subject of this feeling). [1/2 definitions]
broil1 to subject to high heat; burn. [1/6 definitions]
brood to ponder or deliberate, often moodily, a single subject (usu. fol. by on or over). [1/7 definitions]
bumpy characterized by or subject to bumps or jolts. [1/3 definitions]
burlesque any purposely ridiculous or grotesque treatment of a subject. [1/5 definitions]
by the way used to add something into a conversation that is on a different subject.
capitulation a list of main headings or parts of a subject. [1/3 definitions]
capricious tending to act on impulse; subject to whim or caprice; erratic and unpredictable.
case history a record of pertinent facts and changes, usu. in a client or research subject undergoing medical, psychiatric, or similar treatment or study.
catechism a series of questions and answers used as an examination or for giving basic instruction in a subject. [1/2 definitions]
catechumen a person being taught the rudiments of any subject. [1/2 definitions]
centerfold the subject of such a display. [1/2 definitions]
centrifuge to subject to, or separate (materials of different densities) by, the action of a centrifuge. [1/2 definitions]
class a set of lessons for a group of students in a particular subject, or one lesson of such a set. [1/8 definitions]