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beige a soft grayish tan color.
belted marked with a stripe or band of color around the abdomen. [1/2 definitions]
bilious resembling bile, as in color. [1/3 definitions]
biotite a mica commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rock, ranging in color from dark green or brown to black, and containing iron, magnesium, potassium, and aluminum.
bird's-eye any of various plants that have small brightly colored round flowers with petals of a different color than the center, like an eye. [1/4 definitions]
biretta in the Roman Catholic and some Anglican churches, a stiff, square cap with three or four raised ridges, worn by clergymen and varying in color according to their rank.
bishop in the game of chess, a piece that can be moved diagonally across any number of unoccupied squares of the same color. [1/2 definitions]
bistre a pigment made from the soot of burned wood, having a yellowish or dark brown color. [2 definitions]
black the darkest color, which absorbs but does not reflect light. [3/13 definitions]
black-and-white partially, often equally, black and white in color. [1/3 definitions]
blanch to remove color from; make white; bleach. [1/5 definitions]
blaze1 an intense display, usu. of color. [1/6 definitions]
blazer a sports jacket in a solid, sometimes bright color, often with a school or club emblem on the breast pocket.
bleach to make white or lighter in color by using a chemical agent or sunlight. [2/4 definitions]
blond of a light color. [1/3 definitions]
blooming showing youth, vigor, and healthy color. [1/3 definitions]
blue the color of a cloudless sky; the color between green and violet on the spectrum. [6/8 definitions]
blueberry a small, round, edible berry that is blue or blue-black in color. [1/2 definitions]
bluefish any of various fishes predominantly blue in color. [1/2 definitions]
blue fox the arctic fox during its summer bluish gray phase, or a mutant of the arctic fox that is this color throughout the year. [1/2 definitions]
bluegrass a grass having a blue-green color and much used in pastures and lawns, found esp. in Kentucky. [1/2 definitions]