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book to enter formal charges against in a police blotter. [1/12 definitions]
book learning formal instruction or education; schooling. [1/2 definitions]
brethren a plural form of "brother," used to refer to fellow members of a religious or social group, society, or profession, and used esp. when addressing a formal gathering of such members; colleagues. [1/2 definitions]
brief a formal outline of information and arguments used in a legal case or other matter. [1/8 definitions]
caveat in law, a formal request to suspend proceedings until the filer of the notice has had a hearing. [1/3 definitions]
ceremonial formal or dignified behavior or atmosphere appropriate to certain occasions. [1/3 definitions]
certify to affirm the accuracy or certainty of, esp. in a formal manner; confirm. [1/5 definitions]
chaconne a slow, formal dance of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries having its origins in Spain or Latin America, or the music composed for such a dance. [1/2 definitions]
christen to baptize, sometimes simultaneously giving a formal name to. [1/3 definitions]
christening the sacrament of baptism, usu. involving the formal naming of a child. [1/2 definitions]
classical of or pertaining to formal, composed music of the European tradition and especially to the form of this music originating in the eighteenth century. (Cf. popular, folk.) [1/3 definitions]
colloquial of or pertaining to conversation, as opposed to formal writing. [1/2 definitions]
colloquy a conversation or written dialogue, esp. one with a formal setting and purpose.
complain in law, to make a formal charge. [1/3 definitions]
complaint in law, a formal charge. [1/4 definitions]
compliment a formal act of courtesy or respect. [2/5 definitions]
concordat a formal agreement or contract, as between the pope and a government, concerning the regulation of church affairs.
condolence (often pl.) a formal expression of such sympathy. [1/2 definitions]
confession a formal avowal of faith in church doctrine. [1/4 definitions]
congress a formal assembly or meeting of representatives from various nations, states, or other organizations. [1/7 definitions]
contract to establish or enter into by formal agreement. [2/8 definitions]