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bow1 to bend the head or the upper part of the body forward in greeting, acknowledgment, consent, submission, or the like. [3/8 definitions]
bowline a rope used to keep the weather edge of a square sail pulled forward and the sail as flat as possible when sailing close-hauled. [1/2 definitions]
bowsprit a large pole projecting forward from the bow of some sailing vessels.
buck2 to go forward in a series of jerks. [1/7 definitions]
butterfly stroke a vigorous swimming stroke performed face down in which the arms are lifted simultaneously forward and brought back through the water while the legs move simultaneously up and down.
careen the act of swaying while in swift forward motion. [1/5 definitions]
career speed of forward movement. [1/5 definitions]
castle one of two playing pieces in chess that may be moved forward, backward, or sideways over any unobstructed squares; rook. [1/6 definitions]
catapult to spring up or forward as though hurled by a catapult. [1/5 definitions]
catboat a broad-beamed sailboat with a single large sail on a mast set well forward.
cat rig one large sail on a mast set well forward in the bow, as of a catboat.
cleave2 to go forward by or as if by splitting (usu. fol. by through). [1/6 definitions]
collateral property or other security put forward to guarantee repayment of a loan. [1/5 definitions]
complete in American football, denoting a forward pass that has been caught by its intended receiver. [1/6 definitions]
completion in football, a forward pass that has been caught. [1/3 definitions]
converse ly used to put forward a statement or idea that is the opposite or the reverse of one that has just been expressed.
convertiplane an airplane that can fly forward with speed and take off and land vertically like a helicopter.
couchant of an animal on a heraldic crest, lying with the front feet forward and the head elevated. [1/2 definitions]
count on to look forward to; anticipate. [1/2 definitions]
crowd to move oneself forward by pressing in on or pushing others. [1/9 definitions]
crupper a leather strap that is looped around the base of a horse's tail and attached to a harness or riding saddle to keep it from sliding forward. [1/2 definitions]