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breaststroke a swimming stroke in which the body is prone with the face down, the arms simultaneously pull down and back, and the legs do a frog kick in alternation with the arm movement.
butterfly stroke a vigorous swimming stroke performed face down in which the arms are lifted simultaneously forward and brought back through the water while the legs move simultaneously up and down.
bye in a sports tournament, the situation of a contestant that is automatically passed on to the next round without having to face an opponent. [1/2 definitions]
Canada goose a large wild goose of North America, having brownish gray feathers, a black head and neck, and a white patch under the chin and up both sides of the face.
capuchin a Central or South American monkey with a nearly bare face and a crown of hair that resembles a monk's hood. [1/3 definitions]
cardinal a North American crested grosbeak, of which the male has bright red plumage and a black face and throat. [1/4 definitions]
cassino a game of cards in which cards that are face up on the table can be claimed by players with matching cards in their hands.
cassowary any of several very large flightless birds of Australia and New Guinea that have a bony projection on the top of the head and face.
chador an outer garment worn by Muslim women, esp. in Iran, made of a long, dark-colored cloth that is wrapped loosely around the head and body and covers all or part of the face.
chamfer a flat face or surface formed by cutting off a corner or edge. [1/2 definitions]
cheek the side of the face between the jaw and the eye. [1/3 definitions]
cherub a heavenly being, esp. one of the second order of angels, usu. represented as a winged child with a chubby face and rosy cheeks. [1/2 definitions]
chilblain (usu. pl.) an irritation or inflammation of the skin, usu. of the hands, feet, or face, caused by exposure to dampness and cold.
chorea a disease of the nervous system in humans and dogs whose symptoms include uncontrollable jerking movements of the face, arms, and legs.
color skin complexion, esp. of one's face. [3/11 definitions]
come to grips with to understand the reality of; face openly. [1/2 definitions]
compact1 a small hinged case for cosmetics, usu. containing face powder, an applicator, and a mirror. [1/9 definitions]
complexion the natural hue, appearance, and condition of the skin, esp. of the face. [1/2 definitions]
confessor a person who confesses faith in and adherence to Christianity in the face of persecution. [1/3 definitions]
confront to meet or face without evasion or avoidance. [2/3 definitions]
contra dance a folk dance, similar to the quadrille, in which dancers often form lines and face each other. [1/2 definitions]