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broom a shrub with long, thin branches that bear white or yellow flowers. [1/3 definitions]
bruin a bear.
buckthorn any of various thorny trees or shrubs that bear small greenish flowers and purple berries. [1/2 definitions]
burdensome difficult to bear; trying.
Callisto in Greek and Roman mythology, a nymph who was punished by Hera for a love affair with Zeus by being transformed into a bear. [1/2 definitions]
camas any of various North American plants of the lily family that bear clusters of blue or white flowers and have a sweet edible bulb. [1/2 definitions]
campanula any of various bellflower plants that bear bell-shaped, usu. blue flowers.
campion any of various wild plants that bear pink, red, or white flowers.
candytuft any of several annual plants that bear tufted flowers of white, red, or purple.
capsicum any of numerous pepper plants related to nightshade that bear fleshy green, yellow, or red edible pods in many varieties from mild to hot. [1/2 definitions]
carry to bear or support while moving; transport. [2/16 definitions]
catalpa any of several deciduous shade trees that have broad leaves and bear clusters of white flowers and long slender pods.
chokecherry any of several American wild cherries that bear long clusters of white flowers and small dark bitter fruit.
comport to behave or bear (oneself) in a particular way. [1/2 definitions]
conifer any of several evergreen trees, such as pines or firs, that bear cones.
coreopsis any of several garden plants that bear yellow, red, or maroon daisylike flowers.
cottonwood any of several rapid-growing American poplars that bear seeds with cottonlike hair. [1/2 definitions]
cryptogam any of the plants, such as ferns and algae, that bear no flowers or seeds, reproducing instead by spores.
cub the immature offspring of certain meat-eating mammals, such as the bear, lion, or fox. [1/2 definitions]
currant any of the shrubs that bear such berries. [1/3 definitions]
cyclamen any of various plants of the primrose family that bear brightly colored flowers and heart-shaped leaves.