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catch an interruption or break. [1/18 definitions]
change of money, to break down into smaller denominations, or convert into foreign currency. [1/18 definitions]
comb to roll or break, as the crest of wave. [1/9 definitions]
conker (pl.) a game played with conkers attached to strings in which a player tries to break open an opponent's nut [1/2 definitions]
crack to break apart with a snapping sound. [4/15 definitions]
crack up (informal) to break into uncontrollable laughter. [2 definitions]
crash1 to break up or be destroyed through impact and with a loud commotion; smash. [1/17 definitions]
crumble to break or crush into bits or crumbs. [1/2 definitions]
crunch to break up noisily, as by crushing or grinding. [1/6 definitions]
dash to hurl or thrust (something) violently, esp. so as to break or shatter. [2/12 definitions]
decompose to break down (a substance) into simpler compounds or component elements. [1/3 definitions]
degrade to break down the complexity of (a substance); decompose. [2/6 definitions]
delicate easy to break or hurt; fragile; dainty. [1/7 definitions]
demolish to break apart; smash. [1/4 definitions]
deteriorate to wear away; break down little by little. [3/4 definitions]
dial a disk or plate that can be rotated, often by a knob, to regulate a mechanism or to make and break electrical connections. [1/8 definitions]
diffraction modification of light or other waves by partially obstructing them so that they bend around the obstruction and break into bands of different frequencies.
diffuse to soften or break up (light), as by reflection from an uneven surface. [1/9 definitions]
digest to break down or promote the breaking down of (food) into substances that can be absorbed by body tissues. [2/8 definitions]
disaffiliate to break from or end an alliance, association, or connection with. [2 definitions]
disband of an organized group, to break up or disperse. [2 definitions]