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clutch1 a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging two shafts or other moving parts of an engine, as in an automobile. [1/9 definitions]
compact1 a small automobile. [1/9 definitions]
coupé a two-door automobile that is smaller than a sedan; coupe. [1/2 definitions]
coupe a two-door automobile that is smaller than a sedan. [1/2 definitions]
cowl the part of an automobile frame that supports the windshield and houses the controls. [1/6 definitions]
crate (informal) a dilapidated vehicle, such as an old automobile. [1/3 definitions]
dashboard in an automobile or other vehicle, a panel below the windshield containing dials, controls, and compartments.
differential in machinery, a system of gears allowing two or more shafts powered by the same source to turn at different speeds, as in the drive wheels of an automobile when it is turning; differential gear. [1/8 definitions]
differential gear an arrangement of gears on the rear axle of an automobile that allows one wheel to turn faster than another during turns.
dipstick a rod with graduated markings used to measure the depth of a liquid, such as oil in an automobile crankcase.
directional a flashing light on an automobile, indicating the direction of a turn; turn signal. [1/3 definitions]
disc brake a brake that operates by use of pressure exerted from two fixed pads against a rotating disc, as in an automobile.
fan belt in an automobile engine, a rubber belt stretched firmly around the crankshaft, which transfers torque to another shaft located on the cooling fan.
fastback on an automobile, a sloping back curving from the top to the rear bumper in an unbroken convex line, or an automobile that has such a back.
floor to press (an automobile accelerator) to the floor. [1/9 definitions]
floorboard the floor of an automobile or other motor vehicle, esp. the area around the foot pedals. [1/2 definitions]
foot brake any brake requiring pressure of the foot, as in an automobile and on some bicycles.
forward the state of a mechanism that causes forward movement, esp. a gear in an automobile transmission. (Cf. reverse.) [1/13 definitions]
freewheeling pertaining to, working like, or equipped with a device that disengages the driving mechanism, as on the rear wheel of a bicycle or in the clutch of an automobile. [1/2 definitions]
gas the accelerator of an automobile. [1/14 definitions]
gear lever (chiefly British) a lever used to change the arrangement of gears, esp. in an automobile transmission; gearshift.