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collodion in chemistry, a thick solution of pyroxylin suspended in alcohol and ether, used in producing photographic film, in cementing surgical bandages and sealing wounds, and in engraving and lithography.
comedy a light, amusing work of theater, film, or literature. [1/4 definitions]
credit (pl.) the listing of the names and contributions of each person or organization that has been part of the making of a film or other program. [1/12 definitions]
cut a quick shift, as in a film, from one thing to another. [1/25 definitions]
cutaway a switch from one scene to another in a film, used to create suspense, show a simultaneous event, or the like; cutaway shot. [1/4 definitions]
cutaway shot in a film, a sudden shift of the scene away from the main action to an apparently unrelated event.
cyanine any of several dyes that are used to sensitize photographic film to certain colors.
daguerreotype an early process of photography that used a silvered metal plate rather than film. [1/2 definitions]
denouement in a novel, play, or film, the final resolution of the plot's complexities and questions. [1/2 definitions]
develop in photography, to treat (exposed film) chemically so as to create a visible image. [1/10 definitions]
developer a chemical used to develop exposed photographic film. [1/2 definitions]
dialogue talk between two or more people or between characters in a play, film, novel, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
direct to lead and instruct in the making of (a film, play, or the like). [2/14 definitions]
direction a stage or film director's decisions regarding a production. [1/7 definitions]
director a person who is in charge of interpreting the script of a film or play, and who directs the actors. [1/3 definitions]
documentary a film or videotape that explores real facts and events, esp. one that includes footage of the events filmed as they occurred. [1/2 definitions]
double exposure the act of making two exposures on the same film, photographic plate, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
drama a television show or film that is serious in nature and depicts emotionally-charged situations using fictional characters. (Cf. comedy.) [1/4 definitions]
dressing room a room for one or more persons in which to dress, put on makeup, and the like, esp. in a theater or a film or television studio.
dub3 to add sounds to or replace sounds on (a film or other recording), esp. to replace voices in one language with those in another. [3/4 definitions]
edit to add to, delete, correct, or rearrange (written material or film segments). [1/4 definitions]