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compost a mixture of decaying organic matter, such as dead leaves or manure, that is used as fertilizer or mulch. [2/4 definitions]
concentration a purer, more intense, or more essential mixture. [1/5 definitions]
concoction something concocted, esp. a mixture of liquids. [1/2 definitions]
conglomeration a varied mass or mixture of persons, things, or substances. [1/2 definitions]
curry1 a commercial mixture of spices similar to those used in a curry; curry powder. [1/3 definitions]
curry powder a mixture of spices such as turmeric and coriander, used as a seasoning.
cutin a waxy mixture of fatty substances found in the nonliving cuticle of plants.
deoxygenate to remove free oxygen from (a gaseous mixture or a solution).
didymium any mixture of rare-earth metals used commercially. [1/2 definitions]
dip a liquid or soft substance into which something is dipped, esp. a sauce or creamy mixture for dipping small pieces of food. [1/15 definitions]
dough a thick mixture of flour or meal and a liquid such as water or milk that is prepared for baking into bread, cake, or the like. [2/3 definitions]
dubbin a mixture of oil and fat used to soften and waterproof leather.
duxelles a mixture of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, and seasonings sautéed until all liquid has evaporated and used esp. in sauces and stuffings.
emery a fine-grained abrasive made of a corundum mixture, used for grinding and polishing.
emulsion a mixture consisting of drops or globules of one liquid suspended in another liquid that does not mix well with the first. [1/2 definitions]
erepsin an enzyme mixture in the small intestines that contributes to the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.
frankfurter a thin smoked sausage, usu. made from beef or a mixture of beef and pork.
frappé a mixture flavored with fruit or fruit juice, frozen to a mush, and served as a dessert. [1/3 definitions]
French toast sliced bread dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and then fried until browned.
fruit cocktail a mixture of diced fruit, sometimes in a light syrup, served as an appetizer or dessert.
gallimaufry a jumbled mixture; hodgepodge.