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cress any of various plants related to mustard, such as watercress, whose sharp-tasting leaves are used as flavoring or as a garnish for food.
crinoid an echinoderm characterized by a cup-shaped body to which feathery, radiating arms are attached, such as the sea lily. [1/3 definitions]
crisp (chiefly British) a very thin slice of potato that is deep-fried and seasoned with salt and sometimes other flavorings; potato chip. [1/7 definitions]
cruller a sweet cake made from deep-fried dough, usu. shaped into a ring or twisted into a spiral.
cut to pierce, slice, or hew with a sharp-edged implement such as a knife, ax, saw, or scissors. [2/25 definitions]
decompression the act or process of decompressing or being decompressed, as in deep-sea diving. [1/2 definitions]
drop forging an object made by drop-forging metal.
falafel a deep-fried croquette or patty made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, and spices. [1/2 definitions]
foghorn a loud, deep-sounding horn, as on a ship, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
fry1 (usu. pl.) pieces of deep-fried potato. [1/7 definitions]
Garand rifle a semiautomatic, clip-fed rifle, which was standard issue of the U.S. Army in World War II and the Korean War; M-1.
grand piano the largest of pianos, usu. supported on three legs and having a large harp-shaped case in which the strings are strung horizontally.
grenadier any of a variety of deep-sea fishes having an elongated tapering tail without a tail fin; rat-tail. [1/2 definitions]
hibernation a sleep-like state of diminished metabolic activity entered into during winter by bears and other animals so as to conserve energy. [1/3 definitions]
hip-hop of or relating to hip-hop. [1/3 definitions]
horseradish a tall, coarse, white-flowered plant with a thick, whitish, sharp-tasting root. [1/2 definitions]
hush puppy a small cake or fritter of deep-fried cornmeal batter.
impale to pierce and hold fast with a sharp-pointed instrument such as a spear. [1/2 definitions]
inbred deep-seated as a result of early training, experience, or inheritance. [1/2 definitions]
jiggle a jerky up-and-down or back-and-forth movement. [1/2 definitions]
jump-start the act or an instance of jump-starting a car. [1/2 definitions]