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cross-question to cross-examine. [2 definitions]
cross-reference to supply with cross references.
cross-stitch in sewing and embroidery, two stitches that cross to form an X. [2/3 definitions]
crosswise so as to cross or lie transversely across. [2 definitions]
crucifix a Christian cross, esp. one bearing a representation of Jesus Christ.
crucifixion a method of execution in which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a cross. [1/3 definitions]
cruciform in the shape of a cross. [2 definitions]
crucify to execute by nailing or tying to a cross. [1/2 definitions]
crusado a silver or gold coin formerly minted in Portugal featuring the image of a cross.
crux ansata a T-shaped cross topped by a loop; ankh.
Cygnus a summer constellation in the northern sky that is shaped like a cross, located between Cepheus and Aquila and containing the bright star Deneb and a double star; Swan; Northern Cross.
dagger in printing, a mark in the form of a cross, used esp. as a reference mark; obelisk. [1/3 definitions]
detassel to remove the tassel from (corn) to facilitate cross-pollination in the production of hybrids.
DFC abbreviation of "Distinguished Flying Cross."
DSC abbreviation of "Distinguished Service Cross."
expunge to cross out or erase. [1/2 definitions]
flying start a start in racing in which the competitors are moving at full speed when they cross a starting line or receive a signal which indicates the official start. [1/2 definitions]
ford to cross (a river or other body of water) at a shallow place, as on foot or horseback. [1/2 definitions]
Greek Cross a cross in which the horizontal and vertical bars are of equal length and intersect at their midpoints at right angles.
harrier2 any of several small hounds bred for hunting cross-country, usu. in packs. [2 definitions]
hot cross bun a bunlike pastry marked with a cross of frosting, often associated with Lent.