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diorama a translucent picture viewed through a small aperture. [1/2 definitions]
dolly a low cart or platform with small wheels, used for moving heavy objects, such as television or motion picture cameras, or for maneuvering in low spaces, as under automobiles. [2/6 definitions]
drawing a picture or design made by such an act. [1/3 definitions]
envision to picture or visualize in the mind; imagine.
fancy to imagine or picture. [1/14 definitions]
fashion plate an illustration or picture depicting current trends and styles in dress. [1/2 definitions]
fax to transmit (a printed document, picture, or the like) to be electronically duplicated at another location. [1/4 definitions]
film a motion picture; movie. [2/11 definitions]
finger painting the application of paint with the fingers, hands, or forearms, rather than with a brush, to create a picture or design. [1/2 definitions]
flashcube a small, disposable cube with four flashbulbs that attaches to a camera and is automatically turned after each picture is taken.
fresco the art of painting on wet plaster with colors dissolved in water or limewater, or a picture produced by this method. [2 definitions]
gobo a dark screen used to reduce the amount of light that reaches a motion picture or television camera lens. [1/2 definitions]
graphic a picture, diagram, or other image used as an illustration. [1/7 definitions]
greeting card a card that is imprinted with a design or picture and often a verse, sent on a holiday or special occasion to a friend, relative, or the like.
illustration a picture or drawing used to illustrate a book or other work, or such pictures collectively. [1/3 definitions]
image a mental picture. [4/9 definitions]
inscription a short dedication or message, usu. with a signature, as on a book or picture given to someone. [1/3 definitions]
jigsaw puzzle a puzzle consisting of a picture or design, mounted on cardboard or wood, that has been cut into many small irregularly shaped and often interlocking pieces which must be put together to reassemble the picture.
joker in a deck of playing cards, a card, usu. one of two such, that has no suit or denomination, is used as a wild card in certain games, and usu. bears a picture of a court jester. [1/4 definitions]
kinescope a cathode-ray tube that directs a beam of electrons to reproduce a transmitted picture on a luminescent screen; picture tube. [1/3 definitions]
likeness a picture, portrait, or other representation. [1/3 definitions]