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dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [1/4 definitions]
downtime a period of time during which a computer, factory, or the like is inactive, usu. to allow for repairs or the like.
drawbridge a bridge built so that it can be raised or moved in order to either allow tall ships to pass beneath or restrict passage.
drivel to allow saliva to come out of the mouth; drool. [1/5 definitions]
easement in law, a relaxation of or exception to real property laws, as to allow a person or agency a right of way through another's property, or to allow a person or agency to build a structure not normally permitted. [1/3 definitions]
enable to give means or power to; make able; allow; authorize. [1/2 definitions]
equity in law, a system supplementing the common law and serving to allow flexibility in cases where strict application of the law would result in hardship or unfairness. [1/5 definitions]
erase to allow easy erasing. [1/4 definitions]
euphotic of or characterizing the upper layer of a body of water that receives enough sunlight to allow the growth of green plants.
evasive serving to allow one to avoid, escape, or fail to perform something. [1/2 definitions]
excuse to allow to be dismissed, as a debt, punishment, or the like. [1/11 definitions]
expose to allow or cause (someone) to view, come in contact with, or experience. [1/7 definitions]
fanfold paper paper that is perforated to allow folding in alternating directions, designed esp. to lie in flat stacks or bulks for continuous feeding, as into computer printers.
feed to insert and allow to be pulled or taken in. [1/13 definitions]
fit1 to allow or put in by making room for. [1/11 definitions]
float to allow (a currency) to change in value according to supply and demand. [1/14 definitions]
franchise to allow (someone) the right to sell one's product or service. [1/5 definitions]
furring in building construction, the attachment of strips of wood or metal to a wall or the like to support laths or to allow air spaces, or the strips used for this. [1/2 definitions]
galley proof a printer's proof taken from type in a galley to allow for correction of errors before final pages are assembled.
garage door a door for a garage, usually set on rollers in tracks that allow the door to be raised to an overhead position or lowered to close the entry.
grommet in electrical work, a washer of insulating material inserted into a hole in a metal part to allow the passage of conducting wire without grounding. [1/3 definitions]