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distaff (old-fashioned) denoting, pertaining to, characteristic of, or fit for females. [1/3 definitions]
dovetail to fit together by means of a dovetail or dovetails. [2/5 definitions]
drinkable fit to drink; potable. [1/2 definitions]
earbud earphones that fit into the outer ear canal.
edible (usu. pl.) something fit to be eaten; foodstuffs. [1/2 definitions]
eligible fit, worthy, or desirable, esp. for marriage. [1/2 definitions]
encapsulate to condense, as though to fit into a capsule. [1/2 definitions]
esculent fit to eat; edible. [1/2 definitions]
eyeglass a cup, usu. of glass, shaped to fit around the eye and used to bathe or apply medicine to it; eyecup. [1/4 definitions]
feasible capable of being used; fit or suitable. [1/3 definitions]
ferrule a short, sleevelike fitting used in piping or tubing to provide a secure fit or connection. [1/3 definitions]
forensic pertaining to, used in, or fit for public discussion or debate; rhetorical. [1/5 definitions]
fryer a young chicken that is fit for frying. [1/2 definitions]
garb to place of fit clothes upon, or to cover as if with clothes. [1/3 definitions]
garment to place or fit a garment upon. [1/2 definitions]
gatefold in a book or magazine, an oversize page folded to fit the format and so bound that it can be opened out for viewing.
glass to fit or cover with glass. [1/5 definitions]
go1 to be accommodated; fit. [1/26 definitions]
gusset a triangular piece inserted at a curve to strengthen it or improve the fit, as in a garment. [1/2 definitions]
hame either of two curved wooden or metal pieces of a harness collar that fit on either side of a draft animal's neck and to which the traces are attached.
horseshoe to fit (a horse) with horseshoes. [1/4 definitions]