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drive a device that allows a computer to copy data to and from a disc, DVD, or other storage medium, consisting of a motor and heads for finding and copying data. [1/18 definitions]
encaustic painting with encaustic paint, or a work of art in this medium. [1/2 definitions]
English setter a breed of medium-sized bird dog with long white silky hair mottled with black or brown markings.
Eskimo dog any of several medium-sized strong dogs with a thick coat and a wolflike appearance, used in arctic regions for pulling sleds; husky.
ether formerly, the substance believed to constitute outer space, and to be the medium of electromagnetic waves, including light. [1/4 definitions]
fog a gaseous medium in which liquid particles are suspended, such as the spray or foam in some fire extinguishers. [1/8 definitions]
foxhound any one of several breeds of medium-sized short-haired hounds often trained to hunt foxes.
frigate a fast, medium-sized, armed sailing vessel used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [1/2 definitions]
fritillary any of a number of medium-sized butterflies with brownish wings that are spotted on the undersides with black and silver. [1/2 definitions]
-genic suitable to be produced or reproduced by (such) a medium. [1/3 definitions]
gold coins or bullion made mostly or wholly of gold, used as a commodity, medium of exchange, or standard of value. [1/11 definitions]
golden mean the prudent, moderate course between extremes; happy medium. [1/2 definitions]
Gordon setter any of a Scottish breed of medium-sized hunting dog having a soft, silky black and tan coat.
gray whale a medium-sized mostly gray or black whalebone whale of the North Pacific.
heat in physics, a form of energy transfer measured by temperature differences between one system, object, or medium, and another. [1/13 definitions]
Labrador retriever any of a breed of medium-sized retriever, originating in Newfoundland, with a short coat and a tapering tail.
laser a device that amplifies electrical impulses at mixed frequencies in or near the range of visible light by stimulating the atoms in a medium such as a gas or crystal, producing an intense, concentrated beam of light at one or more virtually distinct frequencies (acronym for "light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation").
lingua franca any hybrid language used as a medium of communication between people who speak different languages. [1/2 definitions]
LSM abbreviation of "landing ship medium."
lynx any of several medium-sized wild cats having soft, spotted fur and tufted ears.
M1 abbreviation of "medium," middle or intermediate in size or degree.