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drop-down menu a menu in a computer program interface whose title is visible but whose contents are revealed only when a cursor is clicked on the title, allowing a user to choose an item on the menu.
empyrean the visible heavens. [1/3 definitions]
external of the visible part. [1/6 definitions]
facula any of several large irregular bright spots or streaks visible on the surface of the sun.
fine-grained having little or no visible grain, as a photograph. [1/2 definitions]
flame the ignited gas and vapor that rises from a burning object and is visible as brightly colored, wavering light. [1/9 definitions]
fluoresce to exhibit, produce, or undergo radiation, esp. to emit visible light during or after exposure to radiation.
fluorescence the giving off of electromagnetic radiation, esp. in the form of visible light, during or after exposure to radiation from another source such as ultraviolet light or x-rays. [1/2 definitions]
fluorescent able to react to external radiation by emitting electromagnetic radiation, usu. in the form of visible light.
four flush in stud poker, a hand containing four visible cards of one suit.
four-flush in stud poker, to bluff that one has a true flush of five cards on the basis of holding four visible cards of the same suit. [1/2 definitions]
full moon the moon when it is on the side of the earth opposite the sun, and visible as a bright full circle. [1/2 definitions]
goiter a visible swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck, caused by iodine deficiency.
infrared the invisible electromagnetic radiation next to and longer in wavelength than those of the visible red end of the spectrum. [1/2 definitions]
ink a fluid or paste, usu. in a visible color, that is used in writing or printing. [1/4 definitions]
interpret to make visible or audible the meaning of (a drama, musical composition, or the like) through performance. [1/6 definitions]
intervisible combined form of visible.
invisible not capable of being seen; not visible. [1/5 definitions]
Kohoutek a comet first observed in 1973 and visible into 1974.
landscape a stretch of scenery, usu. rural, that is visible from one viewpoint. [1/5 definitions]
laser a device that amplifies electrical impulses at mixed frequencies in or near the range of visible light by stimulating the atoms in a medium such as a gas or crystal, producing an intense, concentrated beam of light at one or more virtually distinct frequencies (acronym for "light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation").