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egoism the tendency to evaluate everything in relation to one's own interests; self-centeredness. (Cf. altruism.) [1/3 definitions]
emotionalism the tendency to appeal to the emotions excessively or dishonestly. [1/2 definitions]
entropy the natural and irreversible tendency toward randomness and disorder in any system without an external source of energy. [1/3 definitions]
escapism the tendency to escape from or avoid reality by absorbing oneself in fantasies or other entertainment.
ethnocentrism the strong tendency to view other races or cultural groups in terms of the standards of one's own race or group. [1/2 definitions]
extremism a tendency to go beyond moderation to extreme positions, esp. on political issues.
extroversion the tendency to pay more attention to others or the external world than to oneself. (Cf. introversion.) [1/2 definitions]
fancy imagination or tendency, sometimes of an extreme or unpredictable nature. [1/14 definitions]
forgiveness the tendency or willingness to forgive. [1/3 definitions]
groupthink the practice of or tendency toward conformity of thought, opinion, attitudes, or the like, as among members of a profession.
halo effect the tendency of extraneous material or ideas to affect a judgment, attitude, or the like, esp. in a favorable direction. [1/2 definitions]
handedness a tendency to use one hand more than the other (usu. used in combination).
heliotropism the tendency to turn toward or away from light, esp. sunlight, as in a sunflower.
homeostasis the tendency of a physiological system, esp. of mammals and other higher animals, to remain more or less stable.
hospitality the tendency or disposition to welcome guests or strangers warmly and generously. [1/3 definitions]
impulse an inner tendency or inclination. [1/5 definitions]
impulsion motion or a tendency to move caused by an impelling force or influence. [1/3 definitions]
inclination a tendency towards; preference; liking. [1/5 definitions]
inclined having a tendency toward or preference for a particular behavior, action, or way of thinking or feeling. [1/2 definitions]
indolence the tendency to avoid exertion or effort; laziness.
industry the tendency to work hard. [1/3 definitions]