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exchange to give or receive (one thing) for another; trade; swap. [1/7 definitions]
fail to receive any grade below passing in a test or course. [3/10 definitions]
feel in one's bones to receive impressions intuitively.
flying start a start in racing in which the competitors are moving at full speed when they cross a starting line or receive a signal which indicates the official start. [1/2 definitions]
get wind of to receive hints or rumors of.
group home a house or other dwelling in which a relatively small group of individuals with disabilities live and receive services to help with their care and to foster independence to the degree possible.
have to get or receive. [1/15 definitions]
hear to receive information or greetings. [1/8 definitions]
heir a person who receives or has the right to receive, upon another's death, that person's rank or property. [1/2 definitions]
hot line any telephone line allowing the caller to receive specific help or information, usu. of an urgent nature, from a service agency or the like. [1/2 definitions]
incommunicado not permitted to transmit or receive messages.
inherit to receive (money, property, or the like) through a will made by, or legal succession to, a person who has died; be heir to. [5 definitions]
interchange to give and receive in a reciprocal way; exchange. [1/5 definitions]
letter to receive official recognition of having participated in a high school or college sport. [1/6 definitions]
menses (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the periodic discharge of blood, mucus, and cells built up in the mammalian uterus in preparation to receive an embryo and discarded when fertilization of the egg has not taken place.
mobile (chiefly British) a mobile telephone that operates using radio signals and therefore requires no wires; cell phone. A mobile is part of a system composed of many low-power radio transmitters located in "cells" across a region and will receive a radio signal from whichever transmitter in the system is closest. [1/6 definitions]
negative income tax a proposed governmental subsidy system in which people having an income below a specified level would receive money directly from the government.
nurse to give or receive nourishment from the breast. [1/11 definitions]
omnidirectional able to receive radio waves or the like from, or broadcast them in, all directions.
pari-mutuel a machine that records the bets in this system and calculates the odds and the amount of payoff that winners receive. [1/2 definitions]
partake to have or receive a part or portion (usu. fol. by of). [1/4 definitions]