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excrete to discharge or eliminate (wastes and harmful materials) from the body.
expectorant promoting the discharge of phlegm from the respiratory tract. [2 definitions]
extinguish in law, to settle or discharge (a debt). [1/4 definitions]
fire to discharge a firearm. [1/15 definitions]
flux an abnormal discharge of bodily fluid, as from the bowels, or the disease causing it; dysentery. [1/9 definitions]
fusillade a continuous or simultaneous discharge of many firearms. [1/3 definitions]
glanders (used with a sing. verb) a contagious disease of horses, mules, and the like that is communicable to humans and is characterized by a mucous discharge from the nostrils and ulcers or swellings in the respiratory tract and lymph nodes.
hammer the part of a firearm that strikes and causes the discharge. [1/14 definitions]
head cold a respiratory infection characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, nasal congestion, and discharge of mucus; common cold.
heteronym a word that is spelled the same as another but has a different pronunciation and meaning, such as "tear," meaning "to rip," and "tear," meaning the liquid discharge from the eye.
hopper a freight car that can discharge its cargo through a door in the floor. [1/5 definitions]
ichor a watery, acrid discharge from an ulcer, wound, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ion an electrically charged particle created in a gas, as by an electric discharge. [1/2 definitions]
lightning to discharge lightning. [1/3 definitions]
loophole a small slit, hole, or opening, esp. one in the walls of a fort, for the discharge of firearms. [1/3 definitions]
maturate to discharge pus; suppurate. [1/2 definitions]
menses (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the periodic discharge of blood, mucus, and cells built up in the mammalian uterus in preparation to receive an embryo and discarded when fertilization of the egg has not taken place.
menstrual of or relating to menstruation or the discharge that occurs during menstruation.
menstruate to periodically discharge blood, mucus, and dead cells from the uterus, as by a female of child-bearing age.
menstruation the period during which this discharge occurs, in the human female usu. four to five days at monthly intervals. [1/2 definitions]
mercury-vapor lamp a lamp in which light is produced by an electric discharge through vaporized mercury.