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express to send by rapid transport. [1/8 definitions]
ferry to transport (people, vehicles, goods, and the like) by boat or plane, esp. across water. [1/6 definitions]
ferryboat a boat used to transport people, vehicles, or goods across a bay, river, or the like.
flume to transport or convey by water through a flume. [1/3 definitions]
football a North American game played by two opposing teams on a rectangular field, in which players pass or carry a ball in an effort to transport it to one end of the playing area and thus score points. [1/4 definitions]
forklift a small truck with a power-operated forked platform that can be slid under heavy cargo to lift and transport it. [2 definitions]
freight goods or cargo shipped by commercial transport, or the fee charged for such shipping. [2/6 definitions]
freightage the price for commercial transport of goods. [1/2 definitions]
Golgi body an organelle consisting of a series of flattened saccules, vesicles, and vacuoles that is active in the modification and transport of proteins.
gurney a padded hospital stretcher on wheels, used to transport patients.
handcar a small platform or open car on wheels, usu. powered by a hand pump and used on a railway to transport railroad workers and equipment over short distances.
haul to transport in a vehicle; carry. [2/9 definitions]
hot-air balloon a bag made of thin material that is inflated with hot air, causing it to rise and float in the atmosphere. Large hot-air balloons can be attached to a basket or gondola, and used to transport people or equipment.
hum to transport (someone) with humming. [1/7 definitions]
lantern a housing or case with openings or transparent sections through which light can shine, used to protect, transport, direct, or ornament the light it contains. [1/3 definitions]
leg one of the limbs that support and transport the animal or human body. [1/4 definitions]
lighter2 a large, usu. unpowered flat-bottomed boat used mainly to transport cargo between a larger ship and shore; barge. [2 definitions]
load to put (goods) on a ship, train, truck or other vehicle in order to transport. [2/14 definitions]
local a vehicle of transport such as a bus or subway train that makes stops over short distances and travels within a confined area. (Cf. express.) [1/7 definitions]
log1 to cut down, trim, and transport trees for lumber. [1/7 definitions]
mailbag a large, usu. canvas, bag or sack used to transport large quantities of mail. [1/2 definitions]