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Fourteen Points the provisions of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's proposed plan for peace in Europe after World War I, first enumerated in a speech to the U.S. Congress in 1918. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the war, ultimately included only four of the Fourteen Points, including the creation of a League of Nations.
Georgian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the period of British history from the reign of George I through that of George IV, or the style, as of architecture, of that period. [1/6 definitions]
Great War World War I.
here's to I wish success, health, prosperity, or the like for (a person, group, project, period of time, or the like); here is a toast to (a person or the like).
Herod king of Judea from 37 to 4 B.C., who ruled under the authority of the Roman Empire. Herod, also known as Herod I and Herod the Great, was in power at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ (b.73 B.C.?--d.4 B.C.) [1/2 definitions]
Holy Roman Empire the empire of central European, Germanic-speaking nations and Italy, beginning with Charlemagne's reign as Roman emperor in 800 A.D. or the crowning of Otto I in 962, and ending in 1806.
i having the shape of an I. [1/2 definitions]
I-beam a steel beam, used for construction, whose cross section resembles the capital letter I in shape.
I'd contracted form of "I would". ; contracted form of "I had".
I'll contracted form of "I will".
I'm contracted form of "I am".
indirect object in grammar, the element of a sentence that represents a person or thing that is indirectly affected by the action of the verb, such as "him" in "I made him some tea". (Cf. direct object, subject.)
iodine a highly reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has fifty-three protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally in compounds such as salts, and in pure form as a poisonous bluish black crystal. (symbol: I) [1/2 definitions]
IOU a signed paper acknowledging a debt and often bearing these letters, meaning "I owe you".
I've contracted form of "I have".
je ne sais quoi I don't know what (French); an indefinable quality.
King James Version the English version of the Bible published in 1611 under the authorization of King James I; Authorized Version.
litotes in rhetoric, an understatement, esp. one expressed by a negation of an affirmative, as in "not the worst book I ever read".
me the objective case of I.
mea culpa (Latin) the fault is mine; I am to blame.
mine1 the possessive form of I; that which belongs to me.