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halogenate to treat or combine with a halogen. [1/2 definitions]
heterodyne to combine frequencies in a heterodyne manner. [1/3 definitions]
hydrogenate to treat or cause to combine with hydrogen.
interweave to combine or blend together as if by weaving; intermix or intermingle. [1/3 definitions]
iodize to combine iodine or an iodide with.
merge to combine or unite. [1/5 definitions]
mingle to combine or bring together; mix. [1/4 definitions]
mix to combine things or substances together so that the parts are more or less indistinguishable; blend. [1/8 definitions]
monovalent in chemistry, able to combine with only one other atom or chemical group; univalent. [1/2 definitions]
nitrate to combine or treat with nitric acid or a nitrate. [1/3 definitions]
nitrogenize to combine, treat, or impregnate with nitrogen.
oxidize to combine with oxygen, as in burning or rusting. [1/4 definitions]
oxygenate to combine, supply, or treat with oxygen.
ozonize to treat, combine, or saturate with ozone. [1/2 definitions]
package to combine or assemble (related items or elements) into a single entity. [1/6 definitions]
phosphorate to impregnate or combine with phosphorus. [1/2 definitions]
puddle to combine (clay or sand) with water to make a waterproof mixture. [1/6 definitions]
recombine combined form of combine.
salify to impregnate or combine with a salt. [1/2 definitions]
saturate to cause (a compound) to combine chemically so that all available bonds are filled. [1/6 definitions]
synthesize to bring together or combine (separate elements) to form a whole. [1/3 definitions]