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industrial of or pertaining to the production of goods and services by industry. [2/5 definitions]
industrialism economic or social organization based on mechanized industry.
industrialize to introduce industry into (a country, region, or the like); make industrial. [1/2 definitions]
industrial park a tract of land provided with the public utilities, zoning regulations, and the like required by, and designed to attract, industry.
industrial union a labor union that represents the workers in an entire industry rather than only those engaged in one craft or a related group of crafts.
interindustry combined form of industry.
meatpacking the process or industry of slaughtering animals, and processing and packaging the meat for market.
mechanize to introduce the use of machinery into (an industry, work force, or the like). [1/3 definitions]
monopolize in business, to dominate or set out to dominate (an industry); maintain or acquire a monopoly over. [1/2 definitions]
movie (pl.) motion pictures collectively, or the motion picture industry (usu. prec. by the). [1/3 definitions]
multi-industry combined form of industry.
nonindustry combined form of industry.
operative one who is employed in a particular kind of work, esp. in industry. [1/6 definitions]
pisciculture the breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish as a science or industry; fish farming.
pork barrel (informal) a government bill or appropriation specifically designed to benefit a particular locale or industry in order to ingratiate legislators with their constituents.
postindustrial of or designating a society in which the importance of heavy industry is declining, relative to that of technology and service industries.
protect in economics, to guard the secure growth of (an industry) by means of tariffs on competing goods from other countries. [1/3 definitions]
protection in economics, the providing of security to native industry by charging tariffs on competing imported goods. [1/4 definitions]
pump priming (informal) the spending of government funds to stimulate private industry.
radio the industry and technology of this medium of communication. [1/9 definitions]
shipping a group of ships, esp. commercial ships, belonging to a single industry or country. [1/2 definitions]