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into thin air out of sight.
invisible not in sight; hidden from view. [1/5 definitions]
last1 the final mention or sight. [1/12 definitions]
nasty repellent, esp. to sight, smell, or taste; filthy or foul. [1/3 definitions]
-opsis sight, view, or vision. [1/2 definitions]
optic of or concerning the eye or the sense of sight. [2/3 definitions]
optical of or concerning the sense of sight or the eye. [2/5 definitions]
optics (used with a sing. verb) the science of sight and the properties of light.
periscope a tubular optical instrument fitted with mirrors and prisms so as to allow one to see what is not in the direct line of sight or what is obstructed from sight.
range finder any of various instruments used to determine the distance from the observer to a particular object or mark, as to sight a gun or focus a camera.
see1 to have or use the power of sight. [1/16 definitions]
seeing the faculty of sight. [1/3 definitions]
sense any of five ways to perceive, namely touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. [1/12 definitions]
sense perception perception by bodily senses, such as sight and hearing, rather than by the intellect alone.
sight to aim or look through a sight, as on a rifle. [1/11 definitions]
sighted able to see; having sight. [2 definitions]
sight-read to read or perform (music) on first sight, without practicing beforehand.
sight word in vocabulary learning, a word, usually short and basic, that a reader recognizes visually, without having to decode it phonetically or otherwise. "The," "we," "their," and "have" are typical sight words.
solfeggio in music, the use of the sol-fa syllables in singing exercises, sight-reading, or the like; solmization. [1/2 definitions]
spot to notice or catch sight of. [1/13 definitions]
spy to discover or catch sight of; espy. [1/6 definitions]