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jacketless combined form of jacket.
jerkin a short, tight, usu. leather jacket resembling a vest.
jumper2 a kind of loose outer jacket used by workers. [1/4 definitions]
leisure suit a casual suit, worn by men, having a shirtlike jacket and matching pants.
life jacket a life preserver in the form of a sleeveless vest or jacket; life vest.
life preserver a buoyant device for keeping a person afloat and preventing drowning, usu. made in the shape of a ring, belt, or jacket.
liner2 a stiff paper sleeve or jacket for a phonograph record. [1/2 definitions]
mess jacket a man's close-fitting, waist-length jacket, worn as part of a uniform.
Norfolk jacket a loosely belted, single-breasted man's jacket with pockets on either side of the lower front and two box pleats in front and back from the yoke to the hem.
pajamas a set of loose-fitting jacket and pants worn for sleeping or lounging. [1/2 definitions]
pantsuit a woman's suit jacket with matching pants.
parka a warm outer jacket, often with a hood. [1/2 definitions]
Pierrot a comic male character in old French pantomime who wears loose white pantaloons, a short jacket with large buttons, and whiteface.
reefer1 a short, thick, double-breasted jacket or coat. [1/2 definitions]
sack coat a loose-fitting jacket or coat with a straight back, as of a man's business suit.
shirt-sleeve warm enough not to require a coat or jacket, as weather. [1/3 definitions]
shoulder holster a holster attached, under one's armpit, to a shoulder strap, so that a firearm can be carried concealed under one's coat or jacket.
shrug an open, very short jacket or sweater worn by women. [1/4 definitions]
single-breasted narrowly overlapped in front and closing with a single row of buttons, as a jacket or coat. (Cf. double-breasted.)
skirt the part of a garment such as a dress or jacket that hangs down from the waist. [1/7 definitions]
smock a loose, light jacket, coat, or other similar garment, that is worn over clothing to protect it from soil or damage. [1/3 definitions]