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jib2 to shift (a sail) from one side to the other while sailing before the wind; jibe.
jump a sudden shift, as in prices or from one point or subject to another. [1/20 definitions]
lever an extended handle which controls or sets the position of a part or parts in a mechanical device such as a latch or a gear shift. [1/3 definitions]
modulate to shift from one musical key to another, as through chord progressions. [1/6 definitions]
move over to shift so as to make room for another.
port2 to turn or shift (the helm of a ship) to the left. [1/4 definitions]
quirk a sudden, sharp, and unexpected turn or shift. [1/3 definitions]
remove to shift (something) from one position to another. [1/11 definitions]
shiftable combined form of shift.
shunt to switch or shift, as from one track or direction to another. [2/10 definitions]
spell3 a period of work or other activity; shift. [1/4 definitions]
split shift a work shift with two or more work periods divided by longer-than-usual breaks.
stand to shift to another position or condition. [1/25 definitions]
stir1 to move so as to shift position. [1/10 definitions]
swing to alter or shift (an attitude, opinion, or focus of interest). [3/25 definitions]
swing shift (informal) the work shift between the day and the night shifts, usu. beginning in the middle of the afternoon and ending at midnight, or the group of workers on this shift.
switch a shift; change. [3/10 definitions]
time warp a discontinuity in time, or shift to a past or future period, often used as a device in science fiction.
transfer a ticket given without charge allowing a passenger to shift from one bus, train, or the like to another. [1/10 definitions]
turn to cause to shift from one side to the other by rotating. [2/32 definitions]
whiffle to shift about; vacillate. [1/3 definitions]