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line1 a transportation system, or a particular route taken by vehicles in the system. [1/19 definitions]
logistics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the aspect of military science relating to the procurement and distribution of equipment and supplies and the maintenance and transportation of troops. [1/2 definitions]
ocean-going of, designating, or pertaining to open sea transportation. [1/2 definitions]
originate of public transportation, to begin at a specified location. [1/3 definitions]
pedicab a type of transportation found esp. in parts of Asia, having three wheels and two passenger seats, and powered by pedaling.
public utility an organization operated usu. as a monopoly under government regulation or control, that provides an essential public commodity or service, such as electricity, water, transportation, and the like.
rail1 the railroad as a mode of transportation. [1/4 definitions]
railroad the entire stock of trains, tracks, manpower, and equipment that constitute a rail transportation system. [1/5 definitions]
rapid transit a system of metropolitan public transportation, such as a subway, that uses elevated and underground electric trains moving quickly and unimpeded through the city.
rover a type of vehicle designed to travel on the surface of a planet, comet, or moon, for the purpose of providing transportation or retrieving scientific data. [1/2 definitions]
RR1 abbreviation of "railroad," the entire stock of trains, tracks, manpower, and equipment that constitute a rail transportation system). [1/2 definitions]
service the provision of accommodation, communication, or transportation to the public. [1/13 definitions]
service mark a symbol, word, design, slogan, or the like, used as identification by a particular company that supplies a service such as insurance, laundry, or transportation.
shuttle of, for, or pertaining to transportation by shuttle. [1/7 definitions]
stagecoach a large four-wheeled vehicle drawn by a team of horses and used in the past for long-distance transportation of passengers and cargo.
station a regular stopping place for vehicles in a transportation system; depot. [1/8 definitions]
taxicab an automobile or other common form of transportation that carries passengers for a fee that is usu. determined according to the distance traveled.
traffic the movement of pedestrians and vehicles along a transportation route. [1/6 definitions]
trunk line a main line of a transportation or communication network such as a railroad or telephone system.
waterway a body of water, such as a river or stream, large enough for transportation.
yardage2 the use of a pen or enclosure to hold livestock at a railway station before or after transportation by train. [1/2 definitions]