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mail1 (sometimes pl.) the system organized to send and deliver letters, parcels, and the like; postal system. [1/4 definitions]
mail carrier one whose job is to deliver mail.
mailman a man whose job is to deliver mail; postman.
order a request or direction to produce or deliver goods, or such goods themselves. [1/16 definitions]
outdeliver combined form of deliver.
page2 a young person employed to deliver messages and do other errands. [1/3 definitions]
parachute to drop or deliver (soldiers, supplies, or the like) by parachute. [1/4 definitions]
preach to present or deliver (religious or moral instruction or the like) in a sermon. [1/4 definitions]
recite to deliver text orally from memory. [1/5 definitions]
redeem to save or deliver from sin or divine retribution. [1/7 definitions]
redeliver combined form of deliver.
save1 in theology, to deliver from sin and its consequences. [1/10 definitions]
sock it to someone (slang) to deliver a devastating criticism or blow to someone.
speak to deliver a speech, address, or lecture. [1/8 definitions]
spin kick a martial arts move in which a person jumps spinning into the air to deliver a kick.
Sunday punch anything able to deliver a powerful blow to one's opposition. [1/2 definitions]
wasp any of various winged insects that have a slender body with a very narrow waist, and that can deliver a very painful sting.