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match point the final point that must be scored to win a match, esp. in tennis.
mismatch to match poorly or inappropriately. [2 definitions]
over a segment of a cricket match that is played between the change of bowlers. [1/30 definitions]
overmatch to match against a competitor who is too large, too well-conditioned, or too skillful. [1/2 definitions]
pair to match; mate. [1/10 definitions]
parallel to be equal to; be the match of. [1/9 definitions]
prelim in sports, a match or other event that takes place before the main event, esp. in wrestling or boxing. [1/2 definitions]
prizefight a professional boxing match for a cash prize.
punishment injurious or rough treatment, as in a boxing match or storm. [1/4 definitions]
quarterfinal a quarterfinal round or match. [1/2 definitions]
resign to withdraw, as from a match or competition. [1/5 definitions]
rhyme to match (a word or words) with another word that ends with the same sound; use (words) as rhymes. [1/9 definitions]
ringside the area or seats closest to a ring, as at a boxing or wrestling match. [1/4 definitions]
roadwork long-distance running, usu. on an open road, for exercise, esp. in preparation for a boxing match.
safety match a match designed to ignite only when scratched against a chemically treated friction surface.
semifinal designating the next-to-last game or match. [1/2 definitions]
set in tennis, a series of games classed as the principal unit of a match, with the winner of most sets winning the match. [1/25 definitions]
similitude that which is similar to another; match or counterpart. [1/2 definitions]
single (pl., but used with a sing. verb) in tennis and other games, a match with one player on each side. (Cf. double.) [1/12 definitions]
slugfest (informal) a fight or boxing match characterized by the exchange of many or heavy punches. [1/2 definitions]
spar2 a boxing match. [1/5 definitions]