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nondurable combined form of durable.
oak the durable, tough wood of such a tree. [1/2 definitions]
palmyra a fan palm of Asia and Africa cultivated for its durable wood, its edible fruit, its sap, used for beverages, and its leaves, used for thatching.
Panama hat a durable, lightweight, crushable hat made of the flexible strawlike leaves of a perennial that is native to Central and South America. [1/2 definitions]
permanent marker a pen or marker containing ink that may adhere to all surfaces, be water-resistant, contain durable dyes or pigments, or possess some combination of these attributes.
robust sturdy or durable; well-constructed. [1/6 definitions]
sandarac an African tree yielding a dark, durable wood used in building. [1/2 definitions]
scrim a thin, sheer, durable cotton or linen fabric of open weave, used for curtains, linings, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
serviceable suitable for regular or hard use; practical; durable. [1/2 definitions]
shoe a protective outer covering for the human foot, usu. durable and made of leather, canvas, rubber, or a combination of these. [1/5 definitions]
stucco a durable, rough plaster usu. made of cement, sand, and lime, applied while wet and used on exterior walls. [1/3 definitions]
time-tested proven effective, useful, or durable over a long period of time.
tinny not durable or sturdy, as a car made of a lightweight metal. [1/3 definitions]
tough hard to break; durable. [1/10 definitions]
whalebone a durable, horny, elastic substance that grows in plates or strips in the upper jaw of certain whales, serving to filter plankton from water passing through the whale's mouth. [1/2 definitions]
white cedar the American arbor vitae, which grows in cool areas of the northeastern United States and has soft, brittle, durable wood. [1/3 definitions]
yew the durable, fine-grained, elastic wood of such trees and shrubs, used formerly to make archery bows. [1/2 definitions]