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olfactory nerve either of the first pair of cranial nerves that transmit nerve impulses from the mucous membrane in the nose to the forebrain.
pipeline to transport or transmit by or as if by a pipeline. [1/3 definitions]
placard to transmit a message about (something) by means of a placard or placards. [1/3 definitions]
propagate to transmit by heredity. [2/6 definitions]
radio the equipment used to transmit or receive radio communications. [1/9 definitions]
rat mite a widespread mite carried by rats that can transmit typhus to humans or cause inflammation of the skin by its bite.
receptor in physiology, an organ or nerve ending that functions to register and transmit sensory information.
repeater in communications, an antenna that can receive, amplify, and transmit the same signal. [1/3 definitions]
retransmit combined form of transmit.
sand fly any of various small, tropical, bloodsucking flies, some of which transmit diseases to humans.
satellite dish a dish antenna designed to receive and transmit electromagnetic signals relayed by satellite, commonly used to receive television signals broadcast by satellite.
scan to move a radar, electron, or other beam over, or subject to magnetic or sound waves, in order to search for targets or information or to transmit images. [1/10 definitions]
scanner1 any of various devices that employ optics, nuclear radiation, magnetic fields, sound waves, or the like to examine interior or exterior surfaces or tissues and transmit information, images, or directions. [1/2 definitions]
send to transmit (signals) by means of electromagnetic waves. [2/7 definitions]
synchronize in films, television transmissions, or the like, to transmit (sound and picture) at the same time. [1/3 definitions]
tel. abbreviation of "telephone," a device used to transmit sound, esp. speech, over long distances, usu. by wire.
telephone a device used to transmit sound, esp. speech, over long distances, usu. by wire. [1/6 definitions]
Teletype (l.c.) to transmit by or operate a Teletype. [1/2 definitions]
Telex (sometimes l.c.) to transmit by Telex. [1/3 definitions]
transfuse to transmit or impart, as by causing to flow or become diffused. [1/2 definitions]
transponder a radio or radar transceiver that is automatically activated to transmit when it receives a predetermined signal.