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pictograph a diagram or chart in which pictorial symbols are used to convey information, ideas, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
siphon to draw off or convey with, or as if with, a siphon. [1/3 definitions]
skid to use a skid to convey or support. [1/8 definitions]
smiley a small icon made of typed punctuation characters that resemble a smiling face, used in electronic communication to convey happiness, amusement, or other emotions; emoticon.
steal to move or convey secretly or inconspicuously (usu. fol. by in, from, or away). [1/10 definitions]
stethoscope an instrument used to amplify sounds made by internal organs such as the heart, and convey them to an examiner's ear.
transfer to convey or move from one place or person to another. [1/10 definitions]
transmit to send or convey from a source to a destination. [1/6 definitions]
transport to convey from one place to another; carry. [2/7 definitions]
trolley to carry, convey, or travel by trolley. [1/7 definitions]
truck1 to transport or convey by truck. [1/8 definitions]
trundle to convey using wheels or a wheeled vehicle. [1/6 definitions]
wagon to convey or transport by means of a wagon. [1/6 definitions]
waterline a pipe, hose, or tube used to convey water. [1/3 definitions]
wherry to boat, or convey, in a wherry. [1/2 definitions]
wink to convey or express (a signal or the like) by so doing. [1/11 definitions]