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pneumoencephalogram an x-ray of the spaces in the brain that contain fluid, after the replacement of the cerebrospinal fluid by air or gas.
radiation sickness sickness induced by overexposure to ionizing radiation such as x-rays or gamma rays, resulting in nausea, diarrhea, bleeding, hair loss, sterility, and often death.
radio- radiant energy; x-rays. [1/3 definitions]
radiogram an x-ray print; autoradiogram; radiograph. [1/2 definitions]
radiograph an image produced by the action of x-rays or other forms of radiation on a photographic film; autoradiogram; radiogram. [2 definitions]
radiology the branch of medicine dealing with the examination of bones and internal organs using imaging techniques such as x-rays, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance. [2 definitions]
radiolucent showing little or no resistance to x-rays or other forms of radiant energy.
radiopaque of a substance, resistant to penetration by radiation such as x-rays or gamma rays.
radioscopy the internal examination of opaque objects by means of radiation such as x-rays.
radiotherapy the treatment of an illness with radioactive substances or x-rays.
rem a unit of radiation exposure, equal to approximately one roentgen of x-rays or gamma rays; roentgen equivalent man.
roentgen a unit of x-radiation or gamma radiation equal to the amount that produces, in 0.001293 gram or one cubic centimeter of dry air at zero degree Celsius and standard atmospheric pressure, one electrostatic unit of electricity.
roentgenography photography that uses x-rays.
Roentgen ray (sometimes l.c.) see x-ray.
Roman numeral any of the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, or M, used in the Roman system of notation, in which a letter followed by one of equal or lesser value indicates addition of the two, a letter followed by one of greater value indicates that the first is to be subtracted from the second, and a bar over a letter multiplies it by 1,000.
Saint Andrew's cross a cross in the form of an X; saltire.
sex chromosome either of two sex-determining chromosomes, designated X and Y, in the reproductive cells of human beings, most animals, and some plants.
sine of an angle whose vertex is the center of a circle, and one of whose sides is on the x axis, the positive or negative ratio of the ordinate of the arc cut by the angle's other side to the radius of the circle. [1/2 definitions]
solar flare a short intense outburst of solar gases, often near sunspots, accompanied by cosmic rays, x-rays, and magnetic storms.
ten the number represented by the Arabic numeral 10 and by the Roman numeral X. [1/3 definitions]
tomography a technique of x-ray photography that reveals only one plane of a body's internal structure and eliminates all others.