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potassium bromide a white crystalline compound used in photography, spectroscopy, engraving, and medicine.
potassium cyanide a highly poisonous white powder used as an insecticide and in photography, electroplating, and metallurgy, esp. in extracting silver and gold from ores.
roentgenography photography that uses x-rays.
shoot a photography or filming session. [1/19 definitions]
silver chloride a white crystalline compound that darkens on exposure to light, used in photography and the like.
silver iodide a yellowish powder that darkens in light, used in medicine, photography, and artificial rainmaking.
silver nitrate a poisonous colorless powder used in photography, medical products, mirrors, and silver-plating.
slow motion a video or photographic effect, used esp. in sports photography, in which the action is made to appear slower by filming it in more frames per second than usual or by filming at normal speed and replaying at a slower speed. [1/2 definitions]
sodium thiosulfate a white crystalline compound, used as a fixing agent in photography, and as a bleach and antichlor; sodium hyposulfite, hyposulfite, or hypo.
speed in photography, a numerical value for the sensitivity of film to light. [1/11 definitions]
stereo a method of photography or a photograph that gives an illusion of three-dimensional vision; stereoscopy. [2/4 definitions]
tomography a technique of x-ray photography that reveals only one plane of a body's internal structure and eliminates all others.
tracking shot in film or television photography, a shot made by a moving camera, esp. in following a moving subject.