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proportion to adjust with the intention of having sizes or parts in proper relation to each other. [1/6 definitions]
readjust to bring once again to a more fitting or more correct state, relationship, position, or the like; to adjust again. [1/2 definitions]
reconcile to correct or adjust (at least one of two or more things) in order to resolve contradictions or incompatibility. [1/3 definitions]
redress to correct, adjust, or remedy. [1/4 definitions]
regulate to adjust in order to assure accuracy of operation. [1/3 definitions]
scale3 to make or adjust according to a ratio or proportion (sometimes fol. by down). [1/10 definitions]
screw to adjust, attach, or detach (an object with a helical thread or a device using a screw) by turning (often fol. by on, in, up, or the like). [1/17 definitions]
set to adjust for proper operation or accuracy. [1/25 definitions]
shim to level or otherwise adjust by inserting a shim. [1/2 definitions]
spoiled being accustomed to a favorable situation and therefore being unable, or potentially unable, to adjust easily to a less favorable situation. [1/2 definitions]
temper to adjust, moderate, or mitigate. [1/11 definitions]
time to fix or adjust the speed, duration, or tempo of. [1/18 definitions]
tram2 to adjust or realign (parts of a machine) with a trammel. [1/2 definitions]
trammel a device used to gauge and adjust the alignment of machinery parts; tram. [1/6 definitions]
trim to balance or adjust (a boat or sails) so as to produce the desired movement or positioning. [3/13 definitions]
tune to adjust (one or more musical instruments) to accurate or proper musical pitch (sometimes fol. by "up"). [4/12 definitions]
tune in to adjust (a radio or television) so it receives signals from a certain station, or to select (a certain station or program) on a radio or television. [1/2 definitions]
unreconstructed unable or unwilling, often defiantly so, to adjust to a new social, political, or economic order.