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amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit. [2/4 definitions]
bicultural of or displaying a blend of two different cultures in a single area.
blended whiskey a blend of two straight whiskeys, or of one with neutral spirits in which the hundred-proof straight whiskey constitutes at least twenty percent of the combined volume.
bossa nova a musical blend of jazz and samba, or the Brazilian dance performed to such music.
chameleon any of a variety of lizards capable of changing skin color to blend with the environment.
commingle to mingle or blend; mix.
flannel a soft, heavy fabric made of wool, cotton, synthetics, or a blend of these, used esp. for warm clothing or bed covering. [1/2 definitions]
incorporate to include or blend into a larger thing that already exists. [1/5 definitions]
inosculate to join intimately; blend. [1/2 definitions]
integrate to bring together and blend into a whole. [1/5 definitions]
interfuse to blend or fuse together. [1/3 definitions]
interweave to combine or blend together as if by weaving; intermix or intermingle. [1/3 definitions]
meld2 to blend or merge.
melt to fade, merge, or blend, as from one state to another (often fol. by away, in, or into). [2/8 definitions]
merge to gradually blend together or be absorbed one into another so that there is a loss of individual distinctness or identity (often fol. by in or into). [2/5 definitions]
mingle to mix or blend to form a united whole. [1/4 definitions]
mix to combine things or substances together so that the parts are more or less indistinguishable; blend. [1/8 definitions]
mixture a blend of contrasting elements. [1/3 definitions]
polo shirt a pullover sport shirt of knitted cotton or a cotton blend, usu. having a soft collar and a button placket.
reblend combined form of blend.