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sacrifice fly in baseball, a fly ball that puts the batter out but enables a runner to score from third base.
single in baseball, a hit that enables the batter to reach first base. [1/12 definitions]
slider in baseball, a fast pitch that changes direction slightly as it nears the batter. [1/2 definitions]
smash to hit (someone or something) hard; batter. [1/13 definitions]
squeeze play in baseball, a play in which a runner on third base starts for home plate when the pitcher releases the ball, and the batter tries to bunt. [1/2 definitions]
steal in baseball, to run safely to (another base) while the pitcher is throwing to the batter. [1/10 definitions]
strikeout in baseball, an out made by a batter who incurs three strikes, or an out credited to a pitcher who causes a batter to strike out.
tempura a Japanese dish consisting of vegetables or seafood such as shrimp dipped in batter and then deep-fried.
three-base hit a hit in baseball that allows the batter to reach third base safely; triple.
two-base hit in baseball, a hit that allows the batter to reach second base; double.
waffle1 a flat batter cake cooked in a hinged iron that leaves a gridlike pattern on the cake. [1/2 definitions]
waffle iron a cooking appliance consisting of two hinged plates that close on the batter, leaving an indented grid pattern on the waffle.
Yorkshire pudding a dish made by baking an unsweetened batter of eggs, milk, flour, and salt in the drippings of roasted meat.