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sjambok a South African whip made of rhinoceros or hippopotamus hide. [1/2 definitions]
smear (slang) to defeat decisively; whip. [1/9 definitions]
strap a similar strip used to whip animals or humans. [2/7 definitions]
stripe2 a stroke or lash made with a whip or similar object, usu. inflicted as punishment.
switch to whip with a switch or similar object. [1/10 definitions]
tan (informal) to beat; whip. [1/8 definitions]
thrash to give a beating to; whip or flog. [1/5 definitions]
vinegarroon a large, nonvenomous whip scorpion of the southern United States and Mexico that emits a strong odor of vinegar when disturbed.
wale a raised mark on the skin caused by the stroke of a whip, rod, or the like; welt. [2/4 definitions]
welt a raised ridge or bump on the skin, caused by a cut or blow, as from a whip, or by an allergic reaction; weal. [1/5 definitions]
whip to strike with the motion or force of a whip. [2/13 definitions]
whip hand the hand in which the driver of a coach or the like holds the whip. [1/2 definitions]
whiplash the long, thin, flexible part of a whip; lash. [1/2 definitions]
whipstock the handle of a whip.
whisk to combine (ingredients) by beating; whip. [1/6 definitions]