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Quadragesima the first Sunday of Lent.
quadrangle a closed two-dimensional figure with four sides, such as a rectangle or parallelogram. [3 definitions]
quadrant one quarter of the arc of a circle. [5 definitions]
quadraphonic of, concerning, or used for the reproduction of sound, esp. music, over four distinct channels.
quadrat see quad2. [2 definitions]
quadrate a square or rectangle. [5 definitions]
quadratic of, concerning, or involving mathematical expressions containing a variable that is raised to the second power at most. [2 definitions]
quadratic equation in algebra, an equation in which the square is the highest power to which the unknown quantity is raised.
quadrature the act or process of squaring. [3 definitions]
quadrennial happening once every four years. [3 definitions]
quadri- four.
quadrilateral having four sides. [2 definitions]
quadrille1 a formal square dance with five separate movements executed by four couples. [2 definitions]
quadrille2 an eighteenth-century card game for four players.
quadrillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1015. [2 definitions]
quadripartite having four parts or divisions. [2 definitions]
quadriplegia paralysis of the entire body, from the neck down.
quadrivalent having a valence of four; tetravalent. [2 definitions]
quadrivium in medieval universities, the higher section of the liberal arts, comprising arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. (Cf. trivium.)
quadroon a person who is one quarter black and three quarters white; the child of a mulatto and a white person.
quadrumanous having all four feet adapted for grasping, as monkeys and apes.