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Word part Type Origin Definition
fract, frag root Latin break
frater root Latin brother
fric root Latin rub
fug, -fuge root Latin flee
-ful1 adjective-forming suffix Old English full of
-ful2 noun-forming suffix Old English an amount that fills
funct root Latin perform
fus root Latin to pour
-fy, -ify, -efy verb-forming suffix Latin make, cause to be, become
gam, gamo, -gamy root Greek marriage
gen, gener root Greek birth, origin, race, kind
geo root Greek earth
giga root Greek giant; billion
gnos, gnosis, gnom, -gnomy root Greek know, knowledge
gon root Greek angle
grad, -grade root Latin go, step, degree
gram root Greek write
graph, -graphy root Greek writing, drawing, recording
grat root Latin pleasing
grav root Latin heavy
greg root Latin flock, gathering