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Word part Type Origin Definition
-oid adjective- and noun-forming suffix Greek resembling, like
olig, oligo root Greek few; deficiency
omni- prefix Latin all
onomas, onomat root Greek name
ont, onto root Greek being, existence
onym root Greek name, word
op- prefix Latin towards; against; away
op, ops, opt, opto, ophthalm, ophthalmo, -opia, -opsy root Greek eye, visual condition, vision, sight, inspection
oper root Latin to work
opt1 root Latin best
opt2 root Latin choose
orb root Latin wheel, circle
ord, ordin root Latin row, rank, order
ornith, ornitho root Greek bird
ortho root Greek straight, vertical, perpendicular; correct
-ory, -atory2 adjective-forming suffix Latin serving to, pertaining to
-ose1 adjective-forming suffix Latin having many or much of; tending toward
-ose2 noun-forming suffix Greek carbohydrate, esp. sugar
-osis noun-forming suffix Greek condition (usually medical)
-osity noun-forming suffix Latin state or condition of
oste, osteo root Greek bone