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Word part Type Origin Definition
ple, plen, plet root Latin fill up, fulfill
plic, plex, ply root Latin fold, plait
plu, plur root Latin more
pneum, pneumo, pneumon, pneumat, -pnea root Greek air, breath, wind, spirit
pod, pode root Greek foot
pol, polit, polis root Greek city, citizen
poly root Greek many
popul root Latin the people
port root Latin carry
pos, -pose, pon, -pone, -pound root Latin put, place
poss, poten root Latin able; power
post- prefix Latin after, behind
pre- prefix Latin before
prim, princ root Latin first
pris, -prise, prehens, -prehend root Latin take, grasp
pro-1 prefix Latin before, forward, forth
pro-2 prefix Greek before
prob, prov, -prove root Latin good; test, prove
proto, prot root Greek first, original, primitive
pseud, pseudo root Greek false
psych, psycho root Greek mind, soul, mental process