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Word part Type Origin Definition
rog, rogat root Latin ask
rot root Latin turn
rrhea, rrhoea, rrhag root Greek flow, gush, discharge
rub root Latin red
rupt root Latin to break, burst
sacr, sacri, secr root Latin holy
san root Latin health
sati, satis root Latin enough; full
scen, scend root Latin climb
sci root Latin to know
scler, sclero root Greek hard
scop, -scope, -scopy root Greek to view, to observe
scrib, script root Latin to write
se- prefix Latin away, aside, apart
sect root Latin to cut
sed, sid, sess root Latin sit; settle
semi-, demi- prefix Latin half, partly
sen root Latin old
sens, sent1 root Latin to feel, to perceive
sept root Latin seven
sequi, secut, seque root Latin to follow