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Word part Type Origin Definition
ras, rad, raz root Latin scrape
re- prefix Latin again; back or back again
reg, rect, rig1 root Latin king, rule, guide; straight
rest root Latin stop; stay
retro- prefix Latin back, backward, behind
rhin, rhino root Greek nose
rhod, rhodo root Greek red
rid, ris root Latin laugh
rig2 root Latin stiff, rigid
rog, rogat root Latin ask
rot root Latin turn
rrhea, rrhoea, rrhag root Greek flow, gush, discharge
rub root Latin red
rupt root Latin to break, burst
sacr, sacri, secr root Latin holy
san root Latin health
sang root Latin
sati, satis root Latin enough; full
scen, scend root Latin climb
sci root Latin to know
scler, sclero root Greek hard