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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: drives, driving, driven, drove
definition 1: to cause to move through air or a substance by force.
I drove the nail into the wood.She drove a spike into the ground with a hammer.The golfer drove the ball three hundred yards.
impel, push
similar words:
advance, bore, hammer, move, power, propel, rout, run, shove, thrust, urge
definition 2: to operate (a vehicle).
Can you drive a truck?
similar words:
definition 3: to transport or carry in a vehicle.
I will drive her to the theater.
similar words:
carry, chauffeur, ferry, transport
definition 4: to strain the endurance of.
You are driving the workers too hard.
overtax, overwork
similar words:
ride, strain, tax, work
definition 5: to cause to be in a certain condition.
He drives me insane with his insinuations.
similar words:
incite, make
definition 6: to compel or severely pressure (someone) to do something.
Poverty drove them to beg for food.What do you think drove her to take her own life?His father drove him to work harder than he had any desire to do.
compel, force
similar words:
induce, make, press, pressure
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to move forward forcefully or quickly.
The nail drove through the wood.
similar words:
advance, cart, press, push, thrust
definition 2: to operate a car or other vehicle.
My daughter is very excited about learning how to drive.There are stiff penalties for driving while intoxicated.
similar words:
cart, motor
definition 3: to travel in a car, truck, or other private motor vehicle.
A lot of people drive to work instead of taking the bus.We usually drive down to Florida to see the family, but this year we're flying.
similar words:
motor, travel
definition 4: to make a strong effort to reach a goal.
The company is driving hard to get the product on the market this summer.
push, strive
similar words:
aim, try
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of driving.
The drive of the spike split the log in two.
moving, pushing
definition 2: a trip, usu. in a car or other vehicle.
We took a drive around the lake.
ride, trip
similar words:
excursion, jaunt, joy ride, outing, run, spin, whirl
definition 3: a forceful pushing.
Her excellent drive put her ball close to the green.
similar words:
propulsion, push, shove, thrust
definition 4: a roadway designed for vehicles to travel on.
They're building new houses on Overlook Drive.
road, roadway
similar words:
avenue, boulevard, byway, driveway, street, thoroughfare
definition 5: a strong psychological motivation.
She is talented but does not have the drive to succeed.
similar words:
ambition, desire, urge
definition 6: a quality of aggressiveness or forcefulness.
He goes after what he wants with great drive.
aggressiveness, forcefulness
similar words:
ambition, enterprise, initiative
definition 7: an organized effort to reach a goal, esp. to raise money.
Some parents started a fund drive to help the school.
similar words:
crusade, fund-raiser
definition 8: a device that allows a computer to copy data to and from a disc, DVD, or other storage medium, consisting of a motor and heads for finding and copying data.
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derivation: drivable (driveable) (adj.)
Word Builder: drive +
  • driveway:
    a road that leads from a street to a building.
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  car, transportation, vehicle